Thursday, April 06, 2006

Target EDI

We are frequently asked about Target EDI requirements. As America’s second largest retailer, Target runs a very efficient supply chain and Target EDI capability can be demanding.

Target requires almost all of their suppliers to support five EDI transaction types – 850 purchase orders, 856 advance ship notices, 810 invoices, 864 text messages and 997 functional acknowledgments. International suppliers that are paid with letters of credit do not have to submit EDI invoices. Several different kinds of 856 advance ship notices are mandated based on supplier product category and domestic or international shipping method.

Additional transactions that supplies may have to do with Target include the 820 payment remittance advice, 824 application advice, 830 planning schedule, 852 product activity data, 860 purchase order change, and 870 order status report.

Target offers two options for EDI transmissions. Suppliers can arrange for a VAN (Value Added Network) that will interconnect with Target’s VAN or they can do encrypted transmissions over the internet using AS/2 software and digital certificates.

You can find our more about Target EDI and how a third party EDI provider can take care of all of the EDI requirements for you at Target-EDI. You can learn more about supplier EDI technical specifications at Target.


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