Friday, February 17, 2006

What is new in EDI service?

Thousands of companies around the world require their supply partners to be EDI compliant and EDI service continues to evolve in order to keep pace. EDI system requirements are constantly updated to meet the increasingly demanding information system needs of companies who must improve every year in order to remain profitable in today’s brutally competitive world economy.

EDI service includes updates to the version of EDI that leading companies require. For example, Wal-Mart requires version 5010 for EDI transactions. 3M recently upgraded their internal systems to SAP and now mandates that their suppliers upgrade their EDI systems to be EDI capable with version 4010. The new versions enable both companies’ internal systems to process information needed to improve their competitive position.

New EDI transaction types are being added all of the time. For example, more and more retailers are providing product sales activity transactions so that suppliers will know how fast their products are selling and when to plan additional shipments. Payment information is also being sent to EDI capable suppliers so that accounts payable costs are reduced for the buyers and so that payment is made faster and more accurately to suppliers.

Effective EDI service providers invest the resources necessary to keep up with EDI trading partners’ constantly evolving requirements for new versions of EDI and new EDI transaction types.