Thursday, April 13, 2006

Federated EDI requirements

There are extensive and sometimes complicated requirements for Federated EDI. Federated mandates EDI compliance for suppliers to all of its stores including Macy's, Bloomindales, Famous-Barr, Foley's, Hecht's, Kaufmann's, L.S. Ayers, Marshall Fields, Meier & Frank, Robinsons-May, Strawbridges, and The Jones Store.

Federated grew considerably with the acquisition of Marshall Fields from Target in May of 2004 and then went on to become the largest operator of department stores in the U.S. during August of 2005 when the acquisition of the May stores was completed. Federated is now moving all May Store suppliers to the Federated EDI standards. Federated has a sophisticated supply chain and EDI transactions are an important link between them and their suppliers.

Federated EDI requirements include the 810 Invoice, 820 Remittance Advice, 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice, 850 Purchase Order, 852 Product Activity Data, 856 Advanced Ship Notice and 997 Functional Acknowledge. If EDI seems too complicated and expensive, you can have CovalentWorks take care of all the headaches associated with Federated EDI.

Federated has three kinds of Advance Ship Notice EDI transactions. The Standard Carton Pack specifies shipment, tare, order, pack and item. The Pick and Pack specifies shipment, order, pack and item. The Drop Ship Advance Ship Notice is simpler because it describes a shipment that goes directly to a consumer rather than to a distribution center or specific store. Most suppliers to must support the Drop Ship Advance Ship Notice and special packing slips forms.

Macys EDI requirements and Bloomingdales EDI requirements all fall under the Federated EDI standards umbrella and are the same.